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Preschool Education

Preschool system was build to fill the learning gap between children. In doing so special kind of techniques were implemented to teach children in a more clear way. The first ever preschool system was developed in the USA in 1965 by President Johnson and after that 10% of the whole country’s children with the age of 3 or 4 were enrolled in those preschools. This experiment was a huge success and more people were interested for admitting their children. The situation was changed when in 1980 all states of the US decided to start their own preschool system to overcome the increasing demand and build a large number of them which are now spreading in all over the world.

Now almost every country has a preschool system following a proper standardized procedure to provide excellent education to the infants. The role of these schools is quite crucial in the life of a child as it builds the basic values structure in his/her mind. These values will always remain in child’s mind and impacts his/her life greatly. In this case it is very important to select the right school for your child in terms of facilities, teachers and culture as well. The environment and culture are the key driving factors of a child’s mind and so you should consider it and visit the school to meet the staff and analyze facility.

Many people remember their preschool time a little including me as well. When I was a child I remember all the valuable lessons given by the beautiful teacher I use to love. Playing with letter blocks and joining alphabets together to create a word or just an alphabetic order was the common activity that I remember. Many of my class mates use to sing songs for the teacher which they had listened at their home on Tv or radio and the teacher just laughed on them and their innocence. All this were the golden time of my life when there were no worries and tensions.