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About Edutainment

Edutainment is a form of amusement planned to educate as well as to entertain the mass. Edutainment is the term which was used in 1948 by The Walt Disney Company to describe the true life adventures. It can be used to illustrate a variety of learning sections. This term has existed for millennium in the form of parables and fables that encouraged social change. Modern type includes television productions, film, and computer software which use entertainment to attract and maintain an audience with educational content or messages. Various groups in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Latin America have used edutainment to deal with health and social issues such as immunization, teenage pregnancy, and cancer. Edutainment uses mix of communication theories and fundamental entertainment to guide the preparation of the programming.

Radio can also be used as effective tool for edutainment. The British radio soap opera is educating its audience on agriculture matters, similarly Tanzanian radio soap opera promoted family planning. Edutainment is also used by college professors in order to keep the interest of students in long classroom lectures. An important teaching technique of education is to use variety, by utilizing various mediums such as video, in-class skits, demonstrations, and Power Point slides along with lectures. While delivering the lecture, the instructor can add comedy and discussions of personal experiences of the professor or students which create positive environment in the class. In this modern age and fast paced life we are indulge into multi-task.

Time is also rushing and there’s just so much to do in little time. This fast-paced lifestyle has reduced kids’ attention span even more and educators are always searching for new and helpful ways to educate the students. The approach of mixing education with entertainment and presenting it to the kids in the form of edutainment really works. Remember those days when you were a kid and you have been taken for school excursions. You and your friends took a trip to a farm, the zoo or a discovery centre instead of spending the day in a classroom.

This is called edutainment. Edutainment is not only limited to one thing, school excursion, a computer game, watching a puppet show or even a film can be used as edutainment. It allows children to learn through play and the prime thing about edutainment is that it enables children to learn through play activities. Parents and educators can practice edutainment at home and in school by involving entertainment or fun into teachings. This can be the multiplicity of making role playing, resolving fun problems or introducing songs and dance into a session to make it entertainment added with entertainment, which is now popularly called edutainment.